Week Beginning January 9, 2011

First Class Blogger Award Recipients

Some bloggers may not want the recognition and some simply might not want to place the award on their site. Whether or not they choose to accept, listed below are the four blogs who were awarded.


Scary Mommy


Author: Jill

Adventures of the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood. Scary Mommy is an honest and comedic look at the institution of motherhood. Jill has been blogging for almost three years now and has a rather large audience.
Motherhood • Scary Mommy Society • Children • Parenting

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Over A Cup Of Coffee

Author: Cherlyn Cochrane

Cherlyn celebrated her one year blogiversary yesterday. Over A Cup Of Coffee has the best movie reviews found anywhere in the blogosphere. If you are a fan of poetry make sure you stop by on Thursdays. You can usually find two poems posted.
Top Ten & Movie Reviews •
Coffee • Canada • Poetry

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Where The Butterflies Go

Author: Heather Grace Stewart

Where The Butterflies Go is a literary enthusiast’s dream destination. Heather has been writing since she was five years old and has published two works of non fiction for youth. Her blog also features some of her photography which is available for purchase as prints or cards.
Books •
Poetry • Montreal • Photography

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Brown Girl In The Red, White & Blue

Author: SouthernQuill

Brown Girl in the Red, White, & Blue is a blog that takes you on a journey from loving life to living love and all the darkness in between. SouthernQuill and her blog have a unique outlook and philosophy that more people should emulate. “I’m just me and everyday I try to be a better me… I entertain no notions of perfection. I don’t seek it in others so…”.
• Nurturing • Exploration
• Poetry

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From


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