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Week Beginning January 23, 2011

First Class Blogger Award Recipients

Some bloggers may not want the recognition and some simply might not want to place the award on their site. Whether or not they choose to accept, listed below are the four blogs who were awarded this week.


The World According To Sylvia
Author: Sylvia Garza

The World According To Sylvia is a big-hearted Texas personal blog which covers a plethora of subjects. Sylvia likes to share her two cents with any and all visitors. Her posts can be very serious or extremely funny. Whether you find it useful or not Sylvia finds it post-worthy. Drop by and enjoy a blog that has been around since 2007.
Jokes • Music • Top Ten Lists • Recipes

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Teen Autism

Author: Tanya Savko

Teen Autism is run by a mother with two teen sons, the oldest was diagnosed with Autism when he was three. The blog is about her life and her family. Tanya is also a writer and she has written about her experiences with Autism in her novel, Slip. The blog is a way to connect with other parents who have teenagers with Autism.
Parenting • Autism • Teens • Author

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

One Sky, One Destiny

Author: Yuuki Chan

One Sky, One Destiny is a personal blog which is run anonymously. Ms. Chan is a college student attending University of the Philippines Manila. Yuuki’s blog is where she posts her poetry and her thoughts. The posting schedule for this blog is sporadic but rest assured the posts that do get published are read worthy. College life can be very stressful.
College • Personal • Poetry • Pre Med

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Ego Du Jour
Author: EDJ

EDJ is a Nigerian blogger who has been blogging since 2009. She also blogs anonymously which frees her to post on any subject without her friends and family prejudging her based on what they already know of her. Ego Du Jour has no particular theme. It’s a personal blog free to tackle any topic. The name of the site is a mix of Latin and French that means Me of the Day.
Nigerian • Personal • Poetry • Rants

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From