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Week Beginning January 22, 2012

First Class Blogger Award Recipients

Some bloggers may not want the recognition and some simply might not want to place the award on their site. Whether or not they choose to accept, listed below are the four blogs who were awarded this week.


The Shyness Project
Author: Brittany Wood

Eighteen year old Brittany has spent a year documenting her journey to overcome her social shyness and The Shyness Project is where she chose to do it. It has been nothing short of miraculous what she has accomplished in such a short time and the great thing about her blog is even though the year is up, she continues to take control of her life and let’s us stay along for the ride.
Overcoming Shyness • Public Speaking • Friendships • Phobias

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Life Of Carbon
Author: Mariana

Visit Life of Carbon and you will have an instant friend, so be sure to leave comments and let Mariana know you were there. On her blog you will see her list of the crap she wants each week. You will see how nerdy she can be, meet her dog Bambi and her boyfriend Colin as well as. Vlogging is something that not a lot of bloggers do and a good reason to stop by her site. You get to see Mariana up close and personal. Much more than just reading a post!
Vlogging • Books • Teenager • Crap

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Pâte à Chew

Author: Pâte à Chew

Pâte à Chew is a food blog that first teaches you about the finer things in life: butter, sugar and chocolate. In addition to great recipes Pâte à Chew takes all of the photographs on her blog. The theme of this blog is “making delicious food can be surprisingly simple”.
Recipes • Cooking • Food • Dessert

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From

Travel With Laughter
Author: Helen

Helen’s blog, Travel With Laughter gives her the opportunity to share her two passions: photography and experiencing new things. Traveling and blogging allows her to do both. As she shares her travel exploits around the globe she also wants to share love and laughter with her readers. Stop by and see her great photographic images.
Travel • Doylestown, PA • Laughter • Friends

Accepted, Declined or Have Not Heard From